Why I’m a Tech Girl: Joyce Akiko

I decided to become a TechGirl after I saw a tweet from the organization saying they were looking for a volunteer web developer. I had been teaching myself various tech platforms as well as some programming languages for the past few years, so I signed up. I thought it would be a good way to hone in on my own personal skills while also supporting an organization that does the same for other females.

I’m a very process-oriented person and technology is all about processes, data and logical sequence. I think I’ve always been drawn to the tech world. Technology makes sense to me, so I like to immerse myself in it. What I’ve learned through being a part of TechGirlz is that there is a whole world of girls out there who want to know tech… girls just like the younger me.

My primary duty with TechGirlz is updating and maintaining the design and development of the website. I do this to ensure TechGirlz is able to expand its reach to as many people as possible, better inform them about the organization’s services and create easy access for the public to important information. I hope that my involvement with TechGirlz will help me achieve my personal goal, which is to meet and change the lives of talented girls who will grow into brilliant women.