Website Design: More Than Just Clicking a Button

Written by Katie Wilson, Marketing Director for Clone Systems.

The ability to build a website has both personal and professional uses. For young girls, this skill will be something they can use now and throughout their future careers. On December 6, web hosting company 1&1 and TechGirlz will host a workshop to teach girls how to design and structure a website.

We often take websites for granted as they’re our first resource for finding out more information about anything. But few people know how to build them or how they actually work. In fact, a common phrase most programmers will hear throughout their careers when it comes to websites or fixing them is “can’t you just press a button?” But it takes a lot of skill and finesse to structure a good website.

Knowing how to create a good website will not only be the first step many girls take to learning about programming, but it will also be their first step towards learning how to create their own brand. People use websites to find information and also discover the personality of the company or person they’re searching for. By teaching girls how to build a good website, they will take an essential step to building both their programming skills and their personal branding skills.

A good website must be accessible and easy to navigate, ensuring that users can find the information they seek. But a good website isn’t just about pleasing the user. It is also a representation of its creator. It represents their style, tone of voice, and level of engagement with their audience. By knowing how to create a solid website, programmers can find many ways to not only convey information, but also personality.

Knowing how to build a website will help TechGirlz participants personally and professionally. In both programming and other careers, people are required to have their own websites to show their portfolio of work and current side projects they are working on. By knowing how to create their own website, the girls will be able to show colleges and company recruiters that they already have a mandatory skill required to be successful in many careers. They will also be able to use their website to display their body of other programming work.

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