Teen Volunteers


TechGirlz provides opportunities for high school girls to continue exploring technology by assisting at or leading workshops. Having the high school girls helping at the event brings an amazing energy as the high school students are near peers to the middle school attendees. The high school girls in turn keep learning new technologies, practice their leadership skills, and often get to meet women in the field who may also be assisting at the workshop.

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How can high school students become volunteers?

  • Teens can assist at workshops that are already scheduled to run at local libraries and community centers.
  • A teacher can work with a group of high school students to organize and lead a workshop at their local middle school or even at their high school!
  • A high school student could organize and lead a workshop at their local middle school or community library.

What are the benefits?

TechGirlz Can Provide:

OK, I'm Ready. What are the next steps?

Individual High School Student

Sign up to be a volunteer! You will receive a monthly newsletter with a list of workshops happening in your community. You will sign up for the workshop you are interested in helping with and schedule a quick phone call with our Outreach Coordinator to talk you through the process.

Group of High School Students

  • Look through TechGirlz workshop plans and find a workshop to lead. You can reach out to your tech teacher to help you with the topic.
  • Pick a time, date, and location to run the workshop. Possible locations include your High School, local middle schools, public libraries, community and rec centers, churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples. If you need help finding a location, reach out to TechGirlz and we will help!
  • If you would like TechGirlz to help promote your workshop or create a registration page, contact us.
  • Practice leading the workshop to peers. Reading through the workshop and just trying the labs isn’t enough.
  • Reach out to TechGirlz at any time during the process. We are always available for a phone call to help you get started!