Volunteering with TechGirlz can be very rewarding and you’ll be helping us reach more girls for free. If you want to be a volunteer, look through our Volunteer Opportunities and then fill out our Volunteer Registration Form.

Interested in working with TechGirlz? Check out our paid opportunities on our careers page.

NOTE: If you choose a volunteer role for programs that have direct contact with minors, you are required to complete background screening. If you are currently volunteering in one of the states listed below, please select your state and learn how to acquire your background screening.


Volunteer Opportunities

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Teach a workshop to middle school girls at your location or at a location that is already predetermined. Prep and program execution time maybe up to 6 hours per event.

Help the Instructor and girls throughout the class as part of the team. Prep and execution may be up to 6 hours per event.

Provide a space and/or equipment needed to host our workshops. They are usually on Saturday afternoons between 12:00 PM and 4:00 PM.

Students, teachers, parents – ask us how you can partner with TechGirlz to lead workshops for middle school girls in your community. Sign up as a volunteer for the School/Student Program to start the conversation. For more details see program description here.

Organize a TechShopz in a Box event in your area. View our Playbook on how to run a workshop.



Attend our live workshops and work with the Instructor to create Workshop Plans for TechShopz in a Box™ program, a free open source library of tech topics. Team meets every 2 weeks via conference call.

Contact and present to selected companies, schools, organizations and associations to help promote TechGirlz mission and programs. Team meets monthly via conference call.

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