Volunteer Spotlight: Victoria Kyereme

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch

Portrait of Victoria in front of a cityscape
Victoria Kyereme wants to see more inclusivity and diversity in tech. As a software engineer, she was sometimes the only woman –– or one of only a handful of women –– in past jobs, internships, and computer science classes.

“Sometimes your voice won’t be heard, or sometimes you feel like you aren’t adequate because you don’t see a lot of women or women of color in tech,” Victoria explains.

To help bridge the gender divide, Victoria decided to volunteer with TechGirlz. She started out as a tech assistant and is now a lead instructor. Victoria also helps out at other TechGirlz events on occasion.

When she started volunteering, Victoria was surprised by the number of different TechShop topics available in the curriculum library.

“The variety in workshop plans is so awesome, and it even helps me learn more about different aspects within tech that I may not be too familiar with. It helps me grow as a tech professional,” Victoria says.

In particular, Victoria is interested in learning more about machine learning and artificial intelligence. She’s also finishing up a master’s degree in computer science at the University of Illinois Springfield. In her day-to-work as a software engineer, Victoria uses various programming languages as well as DevOps tools to improve build and deployment processes.

But you don’t need to be a seasoned tech professional like Victoria in order to volunteer with TechGirlz.

“The environment in all of the workshops that I have been a part of is so collaborative and comforting, and the girls appreciate the workshops and the instructors and tech assistants more than you know,” Victoria explains.

When Victoria isn’t working, taking classes, or volunteering with TechGirlz, she enjoys supporting other tech-related non-profits and attending tech conferences & meetups when possible. Outside of tech, she enjoys writing for her travel blog, going to Zumba classes, attending concerts, and exploring her city (Chicago, IL).

We’re grateful to Victoria, and all our other volunteers, for supporting the next generation of tech professionals.

Help close the gender gap in tech! Volunteer with TechGirlz!

A group of girls with Victoria at an event