Volunteer Spotlight: Timothy Harris

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch

Helping out at a TechShop
Timothy Harris is fascinated by a number of areas of technology, from machine learning to embedded control systems.

“Technology is moving really fast, and it’s tough to keep up,” Timothy says.

Timothy’s passion for tech was nurtured by supportive, hard-working parents and encouraging teachers along the way. “[They] inspired me to explore and not be afraid to try new things,” he explains.

Today,Timothy gets to explore technology for a living. He’s an Automation Application Engineer, which involves working with sales engineers to present, test, and implement automation and control systems for customers. Customers include manufactures, water processing plants, oil and gas companies, and equipment builders.

While searching for technology classes online, Timothy found the TechGirlz website and decided to sign up as a volunteer. Since then, he has served as a TechGirlz instructor and TA, and he’s worked on summer camp programs.

“TechGirlz is a great organization to work with. If you want to volunteer for one event, that’s fine. If you want to teach a workshop, that’s fine, too, and anything in between. They have a motivated and competent team to get the job done to provide a good experience for the girls,” Timothy explains.

Timothy supports TechGirlz’ mission, and he recognizes the need for a diverse workforce to share ideas and devise new methods of problem-solving. “[TechGirlz] is an organization that really cares about exposing girls to technology and helping them feel secure and confident,” he says.

Plus, TechShopz are a lot of fun! Timothy finds it rewarding when girls begin to grasp complex ideas, and he loves to encourage play and experimentation. He also likes sharing ideas and experiences with girls who attend TechShopz, not just technology lessons.

Assisting students as they create their masterpieces.When he’s not working or volunteering for TechGirlz, Timothy enjoys playing around with electronics projects and software. He also likes to explore in other ways, by traveling and watching sci-fi movies.

Even with his work schedule and hobbies, Timothy wants to continue volunteering at TechGirlz events and encourages others to get involved.

For anyone unsure about volunteering with TechGirlz, Timothy offers these words of advice: “All you need is the desire to help, and the TechGirlz team will provide all the needed support. You can decide how much time and what level of involvement you have available… Just volunteer for one event, and I hope you will see you have a lot to offer and the girls will truly benefit and appreciate it.”

There are so many ways to get involved with TechGirlz! Learn more and sign up as a volunteer today.