Volunteer Spotlight: Jillian Hall

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman

One misconception people often have about technology is that a person needs loads of experience to even get a foot in the door.

Jillian Hall, who has been an intern with TechGirlz since January, had no previous experience in tech before beginning her internship. Over the course of eight months, she has learned a lot and hopes that what she’s learned will stay with her throughout the rest of her career.

Jillian found out about Techgirlz through her father, who introduced her to Tracey Welson-Rossman, the founder and CEO. Tracey introduced Jillian to the rest of the team and she signed on for an internship lasting from January to August.

Over the course of her internship, Jillian has been in awe of the volunteers who work hard to encourage and inspire middle school girls. She encourages others to give volunteering a try, and to “dip their toes in” by being a TA for a workshop.

“Once you see the smiles on the girls’ faces and the light in their eyes, you will be hooked! Volunteering with TechGirlz will become your new favorite hobby,” she says.

Jill at Camp
During her time with Techgirlz, Jillian has had the opportunity connect with numerous professionals, many of whom come from different backgrounds. Of the Techgirlz team, she worked most closely with Donna Cusimano, the curriculum manager. Donna “has such a passion for inspiring our girls, and it has been so rewarding to work with her,” Jillian says.

Outside of Techgirlz, Jillian isn’t a stranger to working with young people, as she’s a full-time nanny to three girls. She loves working with kids and is grateful that her experience with Techgirlz introduced her to a different way of working with youth.

Looking back on her experience as an intern, Jillian says that it’s been more than she could have hoped for. She’s been amazed by the commitment and passion of everyone involved and has been inspired by the staff members and volunteers who work everyday to bring the TechGirlz mission to life.

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