Volunteer Spotlight: Ganesh Chandrasekaran

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman

Ganesh Chandrasekaran
Volunteer instructor Ganesh Chandrasekaran takes the phrase “never stop learning” seriously. He already has a master’s degree in computer applications and is currently hard at work on a second master’s at Rowan University, where he’s also an adjunct professor.

His interest in technology was sparked in the 11th grade, when he started learning GW-BASIC. Now, he’s a senior engineer at Comcast and he regularly works with MySQL, MS SQL Server, Python, Spark, and Hive. He also develops and maintains websites with WordPress and is looking forward learning more about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics next.

Ganesh started volunteering with TechGirlz when the organization partnered with Comcast. He was one of the first volunteers from the company. He describes teaching as one of his passions and has been teaching since he was in college.

Since he started teaching workshops with TechGirlz, he’s been surprised by the enthusiasm the girls have for the topics they are learning about. He also noted that many of the girls he’s taught have a love of technology but are also worried that being interested in tech makes them look “geeky” and not cool. Ideally, the workshops he’s taught and other programs offered by TechGirlz help girls see that tech is cool.

Ganesh running a Techshop
His hope is that young girls can get enough information about tech and can learn enough about it to potentially pursue careers in the tech field, including becoming the CEO of the next big tech firm. He also wishes that more parents knew about TechGirlz and were interested in signing their daughters up for one of the workshops offered.

When Ganesh isn’t busy teaching a workshop with TechGirlz, he’s likely to be reading up on new tech tools and gadgets on the market or reading a nonfiction book. He’s also active with a drama group in New Jersey, Stage Friends USA. With his drama group, he writes and directs plays in Tamil.

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