Volunteer Spotlight: Eesha Santosh

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch

As a high school freshman, Eesha Santosh is already an accomplished coder. Portrait of Eesha Santosh She is well-versed in HTML, Python, Java, and Swift, and she has written multiple blogs on quantum computing. Eesha is also the main coder for her school’s VEX Robotics Club freshman team. She enjoys applying her coding skills in new ways and learning about technology from older students.

Recent advancements in technology, as well as support from her mother, led Eesha to pursue an interest in STEM. Despite her early achievements, Eesha is not content to rest on her laurels. She pushes herself to build her tech skills and inspire younger girls to get involved.

Eesha’s personal drive and willingness to help others led her to TechGirlz.

“I first got involved with TechGirlz as I was searching on the internet for leadership opportunities involving technology. I came across TechGirlz and found the workshops to be an awesome chance to test and grow my tech skills, so I decided to join,” she explains.

As a volunteer instructor, Eesha was surprised by how many middle school girls attended her workshops and how passionate they were about tech. It’s important to Eesha to correct misconceptions about technology. She wants elementary and middle school girls to realize tech isn’t just a “boy thing.”

“I am supporting TechGirlz because this organization has an amazing mission of making tech seem more accessible and fun to younger girls. As I only realized how interesting tech is just a couple years ago, I want to help other girls realize this at a younger age so that they can spend more time getting involved in tech,” Eesha says.

Though Eesha is knowledgeable about many areas of tech, she emphasizes that volunteers don’t need to be expert coders.

“You can be a Tech Assistant or even lead a beginner workshop with relatively little experience, as the presentation slides are so thorough that you can basically learn everything about a topic from reading them,” she explains.

Eesha presenting at a podium at an event


When Eesha isn’t coding or leading TechShopz, she enjoys exploring the fine arts. As an accomplished pianist, she spends much of her free time practicing and listening to classical music. She also enjoys writing stories and dancing.

In the future, Eesha would like to learn some AI algorithms as well as QCL (quantum computing language). On top of her studies, hobbies, and volunteer work, she is also learning C++.

With passionate, driven TechGirlz volunteers like Eesha, the next generation of technologists is in good hands.

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