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TechShopz in a Box™ are free workshop plans, documents, and guides based on TechGirlz’ tried-and-true workshops. They make it easy for anyone, anywhere to run a hands-on workshop for middle school girls. As a result of this program, the number of girls we’ve reached has more than tripled – and with your help, we can make that number grow.

If you have questions about running your own TechShopz in a Box™, we recommend reading the PlayBook for guidance. Additionally, you can contact with any other issues or questions.

Instructor Difficulty Levels


Instructor needs little to no experience with this topic’s main ideas, terminology, or hardware.


Instructor should have some prior knowledge or experience with this topic’s main ideas, languages, or hardware (or be up for learning a new topic!)


Instructor should be proficient and comfortable with this topic’s main ideas, languages, and/or hardware.

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YOU Can Code!

In this workshop, students will use Blockly, a drag and drop language to interface with the memory of the computer.

Game Design with Kodu

Students will be introduced to Kodu, a game creation environment that uses a visual programming language.

Web Concepts

This workshop is a brief introduction to how websites work, how they are built, and how to become a person who builds websites.

Designing Mobile Apps

Students will work in teams to design a mobile app. They will select an app idea, develop a prototype, and present their final product to the class.

Make a Website Using WordPress

In this workshop, students will create their own website using WordPress. They will learn how to set up a website and add their own content via web pages, and posts.

Tell Your Story with Graphics!

In this workshop, students will observe that infographics are often used to raise awareness or sell products in social media, and are more easily searched and viewed on the Pinterest platform.


This workshop plan familiarizes students with podcasting software, such as Audacity or Garageband, followed by creating a simple, personal podcast recording.

Introduction to JavaScript

In this course, students will learn the basic concepts of JavaScript, learn to talk directly to their website, and create their own JavaScript program using Chrome Developer Tools and LaunchBox.

Intro to Arduino Programming

In this workshop, students will get hands-on with their own Arduino to create projects using sensors and light displays. No coding experience is required.

MATLAB Motion Tracking

Explore how computers and video combine to capture motion and analyze movement using machine learning.

Unleash Your Inner DJ With Audacity

This workshop guides students through the thrilling process of leaving their personal mark on a piece of popular music by utilizing professional remixing strategies.


In this workshop, students will be introduced to Photoshop and its basic functions/tools.

Entrepreneur Summer Camp

This Entrepreneur Summer Camp puts the tools and technology used to create a business plan and prototype into the hands of 6th-9th graders.

Models and Molecules

In this workshop, students will work with different types of molecular models. Students will learn how scientists use these to understand synthetic and natural molecules, including those of living organisms.

SQL and Databases

Students will use online tools to experiment with SQL (Structured Query Language) to learn about the way databases work and how to store, find, and create data in them.

Python Programming
Updated! 🎉

Students will learn the basics of Python programming including: simple data types (e.g., floats, integers, strings, and lists), comparisons, if-statements, and loops.

3D Jewelry Design with Tinkercad & 3D Manufacturing

Students will learn the basics of 3D modeling, will learn about the different types of professional 3D modeling software available and will walk away with an understanding of how small jewelry designers use 3D to design and manufacture.

3D Printing: Slicing & Design Using CAD

Download 3D printable designs and guide students through editing the designs and printing their creations in plastic. Students will learn about 3D printing principles, importing and adapting open source designs, and creation of designs from scratch.

Robotics Programming with Lego Mindstorms NXT & EV3

This lesson covers what robots are and how to program and control them using computer code. Students will use pre-made LEGO Mindstorm robots to learn basic programming techniques in NXT-G 2.0 or EV3 by completing specific tasks

Engineering and Roller Coasters

In this workshop, students will learn to think and design like an engineer by utilizing the engineering process to design a roller coaster using pipe insulation, marbles, and objects within the room.

Arduino Programming Camp

During the week-long day camp, students will build an obstacle avoiding robot controlled with an Arduino microcontroller.

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