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TechShopz in a Box™ are free workshop plans, documents, and guides based on TechGirlz' tried-and-true workshops. They make it easy for anyone, anywhere to run a hands-on workshop for middle school girls. As a result of this program, the number of girls we've reached has more than tripled - and with your help, we can make that number grow. Email Alicia Park with questions about curriculum.

Topics are listed in ascending order of instructor levels. If you have questions about running your own TechShopz in a Box™, read the PlayBook for guidance, or contact amy@techgirlz.org with any issues or questions.



Workshop Difficulty Level for Instructor







Think Like a Digital Designer: Unplugged


In this workshop, students will learn how researchers, designers and developers use design thinking to create digital experiences like the ones in their favorite apps! Guided, unplugged activities will show… »

YOU Can Code!

In this workshop, students will use Blockly, a drag and drop language to interface with the memory of the computer. We will be trying a number of puzzles, mazes and… »

Web Accessibility and Screen Readers

Use a screen reader to explore website accessibility concepts and techniques. Students will work in small groups to evaluate the accessibility compliance of websites and make recommendations to improve the… »

Game Design with Kodu

Using Kodu, a free software from Microsoft, students can step into the world of video game design. Students will be introduced to Kodu, a game creation environment that uses a… »

Web Concepts

This workshop is a brief introduction to how websites work, how they are built, and how to become a person who builds websites. It is a discussion with interactive activities… »

Designing Mobile Apps

Students will work in teams to design a mobile app. They will select an app idea, develop a prototype, and present their final product to the class. Knowledge of design… »

Make a Website Using WordPress

In this workshop, students will create their own website using WordPress. They will learn how to set up a WordPress.com website and add their own content via web pages, and… »

Tell Your Story with Graphics!

In this workshop, students will observe that infographics are often used to raise awareness or sell products in social media, and are more easily searched and viewed on the Pinterest… »

Code & Play Your Own Game with Makey Makey, Scratch and a DIY Game Controller

In this workshop, students will use a Makey Makey Inventor’s kit to build a custom keyboard out of unconventional conductive materials, such as fruit and Play-Doh. Students will then pair… »

You Can Be a Photographer: Photography for Marketing

In this workshop, students will learn how to put a sunset and a starry night sky into the background of their photographs, as well as some other fun features and… »

Mapping for Humanity: Using Digital Mapping to Better the World


In this workshop, students will learn how satellite images, collected by various agencies around the world, can be used to help global humanity. Platforms like OpenStreetMap and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap… »

Make an Animated Bracelet with Micro:bit

In this workshop, students will use the micro:bit’s drag and drop interface, MakeCode, to learn how to code the device. Students will walk through the various features of a micro:bit… »



In order to create an effective podcast, students need to learn how to make their stories engaging and use sound to put their listeners into the aural environment of their… »

Lights, Camera, Action: Storytelling and Video Production


We took our Videocasting and Newsroom Story Production workshops to a new level by combining the two ideas to make one amazingly fun workshop that anyone could run. In this… »

Unleash Your Inner DJ with Audacity


This workshop guides students through the thrilling process of leaving their personal mark on a piece of popular music by utilizing professional remixing strategies. Students will use Audacity software to… »

Make a Website Using HTML/CSS

The second most popular TechShopz in our library. Students will learn the elements of HTML and CSS and use them to create a website. Using a text editor and web… »

Animation & Graphics with Python

Use Python in the program Calico to draw geometric shapes and then animate them. Students will write code in Python, understand the coordinate grid system, and use loops to animate… »

Scratch & Raspberry Pi
This workshop is currently being updated. Want to help us with the rehab? Contact us at info@techgirlz.org!

Programming simple electronic circuits on the Raspberry Pi using Scratch: students will learn about simple electronic circuits (power, resistors, lights, and switches) and simple programming constructs (in “if…then…” scenarios). Understanding… »

Creating Your Own Games with GameMaker

Students will learn how to use GameMaker Studio, an intuitive program for the creation of electronic games. They will learn to create a basic running and jumping game, and how… »

Electronic Funny Faces – Circuits with littleBits

This workshop introduces students to electrical circuits. In small groups, students will design and create battery-operated funny faces, with eyes that blink, tongues that wag, ears that wiggle, or other… »

Intro to Encryption – How to Protect Your Information

Learn how to protect private information and what kind of information should be protected while exploring encryption. Using substitution ciphers, students will encrypt and decrypt messages and make their own… »

Introduction to JavaScript

In this course, students will learn the basic concepts of JavaScript, learn to talk directly to their website, and create their own JavaScript program using Chrome Developer Tools (DevTools) or… »

Create Your Own Map Using Open Data and CARTO

Using free online software and publicly available data (open data), students will explore concepts and tools used in creating maps. The workshop reviews types of maps, how to organize data… »

Intro to Arduino Programming

Low-cost microcontrollers, such as the Arduino ($8-$25), have revolutionized the way we connect the real and virtual worlds. The credit-card sized Arduino board can be used in robotics, to control… »

MATLAB Motion Tracking

Explore how computers and video combine to capture motion and analyze movement using machine learning. Using a MATLAB script and a phone camera, students analyze videos of each other and… »

How Engineers Solve Problems Using Tinkercad and 3D Printing

Using a template, students will design a 3D boat and use engineering techniques to assess, replicate, and improve the design. The students will analyze and update the existing design in… »

What’s Inside a Computer?

Let students explore what is inside a computer by taking one apart – all you need is a computer and a screwdriver! Review the parts of the computer with photos… »


Photoshop is a popular software amongst professional photographers and graphic designers. Students will be introduced to Photoshop and its basic functions/tools. They will learn how to manipulate, crop, resize, and… »

Computer Programming with C++

Introduce students to computer programming concepts using C++. This workshop reviews basic programming concepts such as data types, arrays, and functions. Students will use input/output in the console to write… »

Entrepreneur Summer Camp

This Entrepreneur Summer Camp puts the tools and technology used to create a business plan and prototype into the hands of 6th-9th graders. Students will go from idea generation to… »

Intro to Game Development with Unity (Session 1 & 2)

These workshops consist of guiding/facilitating students through an online video course at Udemy. In these sessions, students will learn how to use Unity, a professional software used to create many… »

Using Computer Simulations to Help Solve Complex Problems

In this workshop, students will learn about computer simulations and create their own simulations of an epidemic and what factors make it spread faster or stop. We will be using… »

Solving Genetic Mysteries with Online Tools and Family Histories

In this workshop students will learn about the free technologies available to examine genes and visualize a family tree! You will learn how to use online tools to create a… »

How Computers Talk: Introduction to Network Communications

Students will learn the basics of network communications, how computers communicate via these networks and network security. Students will use Cisco Ethernet switches and their own laptops to construct a… »

Models and Molecules

In this workshop, students will work with different types of molecular models. Students will learn how scientists use these to understand synthetic and natural molecules, including those of living organisms.… »

Introduction to Virtual Reality (VR)

In this workshop, students will learn about how VR works, create 360 degree photos and code up their very own virtual world using simple JavaScript. After the workshop, students can… »

SQL: Explore & Command Databases

In this workshop, students will learn about databases, its structure and what it looks like, and more importantly, how you can get the database to answer your questions! The lesson… »

A Day in the Life of a Web Designer

In this workshop, students will learn all the different responsibilities that come with the title and become a web designer for the day. Learn how designers work in teams to… »

Programming Edison Robots using Python

Meet Edison, a Lego compatible robot that is fun and easy to program. These robots are inexpensive and can be coded with blocks or in Python. In this workshop, students… »

Text Mining: How Companies Analyze Online Reviews

In this workshop, students will understand how word maps are used in powerful ways to communicate ideas through a picture. Using music app reviews, students will find commonly-used words and… »

Cybersecurity Basics: How to Manage Cyber Risks


In this workshop, students will learn about why cybersecurity is important and the practices and tools that can help people and organizations protect their critical information. We will conduct exercises… »

3D Computer Graphics & Animation with Clara.io


In this workshop, students will learn the basics of 3D computer graphics. They will create a 3D model of an airplane using Clara.io and add animation and additional features of… »

Artificial Intelligence: How Computers Learn


In this workshop, students will learn about how machine learning techniques such as artificial neural networks learn from data to answer real world questions. They will get insight on and… »

Investigate Water Pollution Sources using ArcGIS Online

This workshop uses a combination of a water quality dataset and an online map-making tool to investigate where a fictitious source of groundwater pollution (based on real world data) may… »

Python Programming
This workshop is currently being updated. Want to help us with the rehab? Contact us at info@techgirlz.org!

Students will learn the basics of Python programming including: simple data types (e.g., floats, integers, strings, and lists), comparisons, if-statements, and loops.  Prior experience with Python or similar programming language… »

Forking, Cloning and Creating a Website with Git/GitHub

In this workshop, students will pull a clone of a web page from a GitHub code repository and work to edit the webpage. The goal of this workshop is to… »

3D Jewelry Design with Tinkercad & 3D Manufacturing

Students will learn the basics of 3D modeling, will learn about the different types of professional 3D modeling software available and will walk away with an understanding of how small… »

3D Printing: Slicing & Design Using CAD

Download 3D printable designs and guide students through editing the designs and printing their creations in plastic. Students will learn about 3D printing principles, importing and adapting open source designs,… »

Cyber Stalking: How to Keep Your Personal Information Safe

In this workshop students will explore Recon-ng, a free information gathering tool that runs on Kali Linux, which can be used to stalk companies and individuals. By understanding how these… »

Developing Virtual Reality using TinkerCAD, Unreal Engine, and Sketchfab

In this workshop you are invited to learn about how Virtual Reality works by learning to create simple 3D objects in a free online application, TinkerCAD. We will then import… »

Robotics Programming with Lego Mindstorms NXT & EV3

This lesson covers what robots are and how to program and control them using computer code. Students will use pre-made LEGO Mindstorm robots to learn basic programming techniques in NXT-G… »

“Superuser Do,” Games, Puzzles & More with Linux

Learn more about the operating system that big companies and organizations like Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and NASA use. During this workshop students will learn the basics of Linux through a… »

Engineering and Roller Coasters

In this workshop, students will learn to think and design like an engineer by utilizing the engineering process to design a roller coaster using pipe insulation, marbles, and objects within… »

Arduino Programming Camp

The Arduino Programming TechGirlz Camp puts the tools and technology into the hands of 12-15 year old girls. The students will learn programming, basic electronics, and engineering using the Arduino… »


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