The Bucks County Community College Centurion reports: Non-profit aims to get girls into technology fields

Techgirlz aims to inspire, reaching out to young girls in the community and urging them to dream big about opportunities in the field of technology.

Techgirlz is a non-profit organization based out of Philadelphia with a goal to encourage young girls to consider a career in technology. The ambition of this group is to teach girls in grades sixth through eighth the many aspects technology—everything from coding to design. Each workshop focuses on a different type of program or skill for the girls to learn.

According to, middle school-age girls who show an interest in technology tend to move farther away from it come their high school years. These studies are what helped Tracy Welson Rossman, founder and CEO of Techgirlz, discover her target age group and try to inspire them to move forward with their curiosities about the field.

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