5 years ago, TechGirlz started with a singular vision: to change the way middle school girls think about technology through free, hands-on workshops. The workshops caught on quickly - within a year, our events were getting booked solid, with waitlists reaching two, sometimes three, times the amount of seats available. We needed more instructors willing to teach our girls.

TechShopz In A Box™ Are Born

So we decided to open source our workshop plans, documents, and procedures, calling these free materials TechShopz in a Box™. This allowed anyone, anywhere to run our workshops. As a result of this effort, the number of girls we've reached has more than tripled - and with your help, we can make that number grow.

Workshop Plans

Detailed workshop plans to teach a variety of topics: from mobile development, to programming with Python and more.


Our step-by-step guide to running a workshop, full of helpful tips, pre-made documents, and common procedures.

Our Support

A member of the TechGirlz team will work closely with you to be sure your workshop happens without a hitch.

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Web Development

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Mobile Apps

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Media Editing

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Circuits and Hardware

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Having the TechGirlz program means that everything is already set out for you so you don't have to create anything from scratch. They have made this program so “plug-and-play” that anyone can go from zero to hero with very little time or effort.
- Melody Zacharias