TechPodz: A TechGirlz Virtual Program

Learning pods are a great way to ensure that youth continue to have social interaction with their peers and learn in a safe space with supportive mentors. TechGirlz is exploring the utilization of virtual learning pods to support middle school girls while building community and creating connections with our volunteers. Like our TechShopz, participation in the TechGirlz learning pods would be free.

In its initial stages, we are measuring the interest of our volunteers and families participating in these learning pods, preliminary known as TechPodz.  With your help and support, we can bring a bit of normalcy to our girls in exploring the world of technology through a more collaborative, enriching virtual program format.

Is Volunteering for TechPodz Right for You?

Ideally, 2-3 TAs will be assigned to one particular pod for a 6-week cycle. During this 6-week cycle, TAs will be assigned to a specific group of girls, and Lead Instructors will fill in to teach the workshop topics.  Additionally, we have laid out specific expectations for TechPodz for both TAs and Lead Instructors.

TAs will:

  1. Commit to an assigned TechPod for a 6 week period
    • TechPod workshops will be held once a week for 2 hours live

  2. Familiarize themselves with workshop plans for the weekly TechPod workshop
    • Assistants may be assisting on topics they have various experience with

  3. Arrive 30 minutes before workshop to go over  logistics with Lead Instructors
    • TAs will support lead instructors during TechPod workshops
    • See a detailed description of TA roles here.

  4. Communicate with TechGirlz about any changes in scheduling.
    • If the TA is unable to make a meeting, the TA will be responsible for finding a replacement TA 
    • Only one replacement allowed per 6 week cycle

Lead instructors will:

  1. Use TechGirlz Curriculum to teach.
    • See a detailed description of Lead Instructor roles here.

  2. Have the option to commit to a single TechPod for a 6 week period or choose topics they want to run without a 6 week commitment

  3. Communicate with TechGirlz about any changes in scheduling.

  4. Arrive 30 minutes before workshop to go over logistics with Teaching Assistants

Let us know your volunteer interest in TechGirlz TechPodz today! Complete the form below to let us know your preferred availability and commitment. 

Are TechPodz Right for My Middle School Girl?

Are your middle school girls missing the support of peer relationships during this time and interactive, hands-on activities from supportive mentors? Joining a TechPod might be right for her! Often in an educational setting, students learn better in smaller groups that encourage collaboration, sharing ideas, and increased engagement in the material. Similar to small group instruction, learning pods are becoming a common approach during virtual learning to provide an environment that reflects community and teamwork. 

Within a TechPodz environment, your middle school girl will make connections with other girls her age while learning various tech topics and other various skills. Additionally, each TechPod will have assigned Teaching Assistants, so there will always be a familiar adult during all TechPod sessions. TechPodz provides student-centered instruction and community while keeping your families safe and healthy. Are you already in a school based pod this year?  Great!  Your entire pod can join as a group! If your pod is less than 15 girls, we may group with you another pod. All meetings will be virtual.

Not in a pod? That’s ok!  We will also be creating pods made up of individual girls. These girls will get to know each other and possibly even make a friend from a different state!

As a TechPod member, everyone is expected to show up to their TechPod meeting once a week for 6 weeks. Girls will show up on time to their TechPod meeting ready to participate, share, and engage in the day’s tech topic. Lead instructors will give their unique insight into the tech world while encouraging the girls to explore tech themselves. We ask that parents provide 24-hour notice for any missed TechPod meeting. There is a maximum of one absence to be a part of this particular program.

Show us your child’s interest in TechGirlz TechPodz today! Complete the form below to let us know your preferred Pod style and/or schedule. 

For more on learning pods, please check out About Learning Pods.