TechGirlz Volunteer, Sarah Patrick, Talks About Getting Girls Into STEM

Written by volunteer writer Adithya Ganesh

In this episode of the Fun with Maryland STEM Festival podcast, Sarah Patrick shares her interests and her works in the field of STEM. Sarah got introduced and loved STEM activities since middle school. Ever since then, she has done what she could to get other young women interested in the same way. Sarah and her father, David Patrick, have both volunteered with TechGirlz for the past couple of years at local boys and girls clubs. They loved the variety of workshops that TechGirlz had to offer. Sarah stated, “There are workshops such as building a website, […] parts of a computer, or game design with Kodu. The girls are so into it, which is really inspiring”

Sarah is developing a new talk on Microsoft PowerApp and hoping to have it evolve into a new TechGirlz workshop, where girls get to create new games using PowerApp, like what they do in other game design workshops, such as Kodu. She is working on this as an additional way to try to encourage girls to get into STEM.

After graduating from college, Sarah mentioned that she has plans for an organization of her own. “Eventually, I want to start my own non-profit such as TechGirlz to reach out to more girls to spark their interest in tech,” said Sarah. She hopes to tell girls everywhere that when you delve deeper into STEM, it can be really fun.

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