TechGirlz Volunteer, Anna E Cook, sat down with Amanda Shell at CU Atlas to talk inclusive design and TechGirlz

Written by volunteer writer Adithya Ganesh

Screen capture of Anna Cook in front of her camera during the video recording

Anna E Cook has been a User Experience Designer since 2012. She is currently attending the Master’s Program at Atlas in CU Boulder, in order to further specialize in Inclusive and Accessible design. She believes that there are gaps in how we treat design versus how we could potentially be treating design to better meet the needs of all people.

The work that Anna has done has made a real impact on her, and it makes a difference when people learn how to approach things more empathetically. She hopes that with her master’s degree she can change that in anything she works on.

Last year, Anna volunteered to instruct a TechGirlz workshop, where she taught an Introduction to HTML and CSS class. She was amazed by the progress of the girls in the class and talked specifically about one student that went from not feeling confident in tech to sharing with the class her finished project.

“She got up in front of the entire class at the end and was showing us how to do things.”

In those three hours and through TechGirlz’s curriculum the student was able to gain confidence and believe she could work with technology. Anna went on sharing her experience volunteering with TechGirlz and the impact it’s had on her.

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