TechGirlz TAB members are heading to college!

Collage of 8 portraits of young women

Whether they are heading to university, diving straight into careers, or have other plans, we are always so proud of all of our TechGirlz for exploring all the possibilities in tech and making the most of them.

As we wrap up the 2021-2022 school year, TechGirlz largest Teen Advisory Board (TAB) ever has several members graduating and spreading across the U.S. to various colleges, many with plans to study STEM majors and having received scholarships and special awards.

We are giving a special round of applause to this group of TAB members:

  • Alyssa Price – Studying Bioengineering at Stanford University
  • Amelie Nagle – Studying Computer Science at MIT
  • Anushka Levaku – Studying Computer Science at UPenn
  • Dani Laverty – Studying in the PharmD program with a minor in Neuroscience at University of Pittsburgh
  • Pracheeti Shikarkhane – Studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science and Business at UC Berkeley M.E.T.
  • Rythama Chevendra – Studying Computer Science at University of Virginia
  • Sarah Ridley – Studying Computer Science at Brown University
  • Arushi Sharma – Studying Computer Science at University of Texas, Austin
  • Ria Singh – Studying Computer Science at Northeastern University

Congratulations to all of the graduating TechGirlz TAB members! We wish them all the best and look forward to having them back as TechGirlz volunteers and instructors!