TechGirlz’ First PR Release!

Released on January 31, 2012, this is a huge step for TechGirlz.  Read it here, or see the official post on here

PHILADELPHIA (January 9th, 2011) – Philadelphia based non-profit, TechGirlz, is dedicated to inspiring and empowering middle school girls to pursue careers in an information technology industry that is largely dominated by males. “When we are working with these young women, we are seeing the light bulbs going off inside of them as we teach them to apply technology they use everyday in a more useful way,” said TechGirlz founder, Tracey Welson-Rossman.

Founded by Philadelphia technology professionals with an array of backgrounds, TechGirlz offers a variety of free interactive workshops. From WordPress design to luminescent jewelry making, participants are encouraged to explore their tech interests and interact with young women with similar interests. TechGirlz provides a solid foundation of peers, mentors, and positive role models to help guide young female tech enthusiast around the technology career space.

The information technology industry is among the largest in the United States with 3.6 million employees. Among the 3.6 million employees, 75 % are males. Statistics have shown that many young women are opting out of careers in IT. Welson-Rossman and her network of startup and technology professionals aim to shatter these statistics by showing young girls with a knack for technology that careers in IT are exciting and rewarding. With a dedicated group of knowledgeable volunteers, TechGirlz hopes to build a community of innovative, exhilarated, and motivated young women to become the tech leaders of tomorrow.

For further information about TechGirlz or how to host a TechGirlz workshop, contact Tracey Welson-Rossman at 609-519-0901 or visit