TechGirlz National Outreach Manager, Amy Cliett, Stops by the Steve Cochran WGN Radio Show in Chicago

Amy Cliett at WGNOn June 21, 2017, the Steve Cochran WGN Radio Show in Chicago, talked to TechGirlz National Outreach Manager, Amy Cliett, about the TechGirlz mission, our break out into the city of Chicago, our varying TechShopz in a Box topics and more! A shout out was given to the industry leaders, teachers, moms/dads, and high school who help make our TechShopz possible, by volunteering their time to run a workshop, write curriculum, and beyond.

While chatting about our vast TechShopz library, it was noted by one of the hosts that it is apparent “tech is so much more than coding” and TechGirlz is helping to make that more known. It is important that our target audience of middle school aged girls realize there are many more opportunities for women in the tech career world, than just coding.

The show’s host shared his excitement about the TechGirlz’s organization and their mission to empower young girls/women. He talked about his personal experiences seeing how tough it can be for women in the working industry, from growing up seeing his mom and three sisters go through such experiences. Now, having daughters and nieces of his own, it is nice to see there are organization like TechGirlz that can help smooth that bumpy road for women in the industry.

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Tune into the conversation at minutes 24:29 to 31:40!

Listen to the Show here