TechGirlz Launches #Teach15 Pledge Campaign

November 28, 2015, Philadelphia, PA –  TechGirlz, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls to be future technology leaders, announces the launch of the #Teach15 Pledge campaign.

The #Teach15 campaign encourages companies, organizations and individuals to run a TechGirlz TechShopz in a Box™. TechGirlz is asking these groups to pledge to teach 15 girls at a TechShopz during the 2015-2016 school year.  The purpose of the #Teach15 campaign is to encourage more people and groups to help TechGirlz reach their 2016 goal of engaging 2000+ girls with over 100 community run workshops. Interested parties can take the pledge at

TechGirlz Founder, Tracey Welson-Rossman – “One of the keys to expanding the number of  women in tech is to have more girls understand the breadth of the possibilities that tech can offer.  TechGirlz TechShopz in a Box program does just that, surveys of past attendees show 81% of these girls change their minds positively about a career involving tech.  But, the number of girls we can reach is directly impacted by the number of volunteer instructors.”

TechShopz in a Box™ are free, pre-packaged versions of the TechGirlz TechShopz that make it easy for anyone to run one in their own community. The virtual box includes tested and vetted workshop plans and the TechGirlz PlayBook that has tips and guidelines for running a TechShopz. The 24 currently available (more are being added regularly) TechShopz in a Box expand awareness about the scope of potential career opportunities in technology while supporting TechGirlz’ methodologies and mission to educate young girls about the different types of careers that can be possible using tech.

“Tech tools are the tools of innovation and industry. Encouraging girls to explore technology prepares them to take control of their future and share their ideas to the world. TechShopz in a Box™ put these tech tools in girls’ hands, giving them the confidence to pursue their interest in technology.” says Sarah Johnson, TechGirlz Community Outreach Manager

For more information about TechGirlz, volunteering opportunities, or to sponsor or get involved in TechGirlz’ mission of getting and keeping girls excited and interested in pursuing technology, please visit

About TechGirlz

TechGirlz ( inspires young women to shatter the statistics. The organization’s aim is to help adolescent girls understand that a future in technology does not necessarily equate to “a boring computer job,” but instead transcends the cubicle into nearly every field imaginable.  By encouraging women to participate in science and technology today, as well as providing a solid foundation of peers, mentors and positive role models, TechGirlz hopes to spark innovation, exhilaration and motivation in young women to become tomorrow’s tech leaders.

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