TechGirlz Launches #MyFutureEmployee Campaign

Expanding the conversation on technology careers beyond coding

Too many people think of coding first—or alone—when asked about technology careers. What about people who don’t want to code?

Techgirlz is changing the conversation and launching an exciting campaign today, exploring the broad scope of future careers in technology. The #MyFutureEmployee campaign will feature video interviews with corporate CEOs, marketing and financial executives and more.

Tracey Welson-Rossman, founder of TechGirlz and chief marketing officer at Chariot Solutions, said: “As part of the thriving tech scene here in Philadelphia, I get to talk to people all the time who have an insider’s view of what’s new and what’s coming in technology. This campaign came to me as a way to expand the conversation beyond coding and get girls—and boys—interested in all the ways technology can affect their future careers.”


“My Future Employee” allows business leaders to talk about the future of technology in careers related to their specific business and industry, giving the audience a chance to learn about all the fascinating ways technology will change the workplace and giving kids a wide view of potential careers available to them.

Kicking off this campaign is an interview with Bob Moore, CEO of RJMetrics. In this video, Bob discusses how many positions within his company, while not necessarily technical, still require technical skills.

The ongoing campaign will include Mike Rappaport, CEO of Chariot Solutions, and Bryan Wolf, CIO of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

We’re excited to share these conversations with everyone and hope you will help us share them online using the #MyFutureEmployee tag. Keep watching the #MyFutureEmployee page for more thoughts on how future employees will use tech in their careers.

What Does Your Future Employee Look Like?

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