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Women in Technology
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Where are the women in technology?

That seems to be the question people keep asking.
TechGirlz has an answer—they’re still in middle school. That’s why we’re inspiring girls to enjoy technology and dream of all the different possibilities waiting for them in a technology career.

Let’s use these startling statistics as motivation:
25% of IT jobs are held by women.
11% of Fortune 500 tech company executives are women.
5% of tech startups are owned by women.
56% of women who enter the technology field leave for other careers.

Women are sorely needed in technology. This isn’t just an issue of gender equality; it’s about
improving the future of technology in this country.

One thing that is true and truly positive is that women do make a difference. For example:
• Women on tech teams boost problem solving and creativity.
• Teams that have at least one female member outperform all-male groups in collective
intelligence tests.
• ROI is 34% higher for tech companies with more women in management.

Isn’t it time that we find more ways to get women involved?

Speaking of making a difference, TechGirlz is getting girls excited about technology and their own future in technology. Most girls, even if they are tech-savvy, opt out of technology careers before they enter high school. That’s why we aim to inspire middle-school-aged girls and remind them that technology doesn’t have to be boring.

We run free workshops on exciting technology topics, offer a week-long entrepreneur summer camp, and connect girls with local women in technology who serve as terrific role models.

By encouraging women to participate in science and technology today, as well as providing a solid foundation of peers, mentors, and positive role models, we hope to spark innovation, exhilaration, and motivation in young women to become tomorrow’s tech leaders.

The key is working together to help girls and women stay interested in technology as a career. We were happy to have this fantastic infographic (created by IT Manager Daily) to share above to help you learn more on Women in Technology: Triumphs, Barriers and Interesting Data.

We’re also happy to hear from other women in technology who would like to help us spread the word. Please contact us using the Contact Us link in the navigation bar.