TechGirlz Director Contributes to USA Today / MediaPlanet Women in STEM Special Edition

TechGirlz was honored to have been invited to contribute an article to a special Women in STEM campaign co-published by MediaPlanet and USA Today. Along with several other esteemed women in STEM, TechGirlz Director, Amy Cliett, contributed an article full of information and tips designed to encourage women and girls to study STEM topics, to pursue STEM careers, and to help them navigate those careers.

Consistent with the TechGirlz mission and mode of operation, Amy’s article discussed how volunteering can benefit your career by helping you grow your skills and your network.

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Give Back to Get More: Volunteer to Grow Your Career, Skills, and Network

Cover of USA Today reading Women in Stem
Whether it was due to jobs lost in the pandemic or continuing efforts to close the tech gender disparity, many women are looking for ways to find their next opportunity, promotion, or project.

Among the pieces of advice given to women in these scenarios, especially in tech, “keep learning” and “network” are offered. Both good pieces of advice, but often accompanied by either a stringent checklist of tasks or a vague description of activities that may or may not fit into that particular woman’s available time, budget, or interests. Women often follow these plans while still feeling there has to be an easier way that combines many of the actions that help them in their search.

Volunteering allows us to do all of those things at once. Volunteering can provide great opportunities to develop and demonstrate new skills and grow your professional network alongside like-minded people in a feel-good environment. Plus, there are so many opportunities to choose from, from one-off events to ongoing activities at local organizations, and now even virtual opportunities.

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