TechGirlz and ChickTech Partner to Empower Women of All Ages

STEM-ed organizations join forces to engage at every age and across the country

Chick Tech

September 15, 2018 (Denver) – TechGirlz, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls to be future technology leaders, has announced a new partnership with ChickTech, a nonprofit advancing the role of women in tech through events, mentorship, networking and training.

Kicking off in October, the partnership will offer defined program pathways to engage and retain girls and young women in technology. The cycle begins with TechGirlz offering workshops, events, and summer camps for middle school girls and ChickTech expanding their middle school offerings using TechGirlz curriculum. As they graduate middle school, students will advance into ChickTech’s high school and collegiate programs. ChickTech students can continue the cycle by mentoring middle school girls starting their own journeys in technology with the TechGirlz curriculum. ChickTech also provides career resources for these young women as they enter the workforce as technologists.

TechGirlz and ChickTech are both national organizations who share a formidable presence in cities like Denver and Chicago. TechGirlz-powered events are held throughout the country. ChickTech operates in 17 states through a chapter-based model and holds events in 27 different cities.

The partnership will help both organizations continue to expand their national reach. Students can look forward to pop-up workshops in Chicago and monthly workshops in Seattle, as well as outreach in rural areas of Oregon and Montana.

“Empowering women to pursue and stay in technology careers demands our collaboration,” said TechGirlz founder Tracey Welson-Rossman. “By partnering with ChickTech, TechGirlz will be able to reach more women and girls and assure they have access to our network and resources at every stage of their career.”

“We’re excited to partner with TechGirlz and to leverage our respective strengths in order to further our missions,” said ChickTech founder Janice Levenhagen-Seeley. “We believe that by collaborating together to connect intergenerational women and girls, we will build our volunteers’ and attendees’ sense of belonging, confidence, and leadership within the tech industry.”

About TechGirlz

TechGirlz ( inspires young women to shatter the statistics. The organization’s aim is to help adolescent girls understand that a future in technology does not necessarily equate to “a boring computer job,” but instead transcends the cubicle into nearly every field imaginable. By encouraging women to participate in science and technology today, as well as providing a solid foundation of peers, mentors and positive role models, TechGirlz hopes to spark innovation, exhilaration and motivation in young women to become tomorrow’s tech leaders.

About ChickTech

Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, ChickTech ( was founded in 2012 to engage women of all ages in the technology industry while working to create a better technology culture for all. ChickTech builds communities, empower participants to see themselves as technologists and leaders, and works one-on-one with companies to help build a more inclusive workforce. ChickTech is a multinational organization with chapters in North America.