TechGirl Amaris Manning Talks

On November 21st, we, the girls of the Grace Baptist TeenShop Chapter, were given the opportunity to learn about programming and coding from the program TechGirlz at the PCAT (Philadelphia Center for Arts and Technology). Three volunteers from TechGirlz discussed with all of us different types of programming that can be found in different forms of technology such as computers, video games, cell phones, etc. The volunteers also discussed with us how to understand and read code. Although some thought it was impossible to do such a thing, the volunteers of TechGirlz had us play games on Blockly. We were instructed on how to interpret code when playing puzzles, solving mazes, watching videos, and doing fun quizzes.

During the workshop, I enjoyed participating in the activities. I was able to learn hands-on what coding really is and how it could be interpreted. I was also given the opportunity to learn about programming, which is really beneficial considering the fact that for college I want to major in communications and media. So, to be given the opportunity to understand how certain things function in decoding the mind of a specific tool of technology is a great step towards my major for college.

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This workshop was a huge benefit for me because it was the first opportunity I’ve had to learn about programming and coding. Although I do understand the basics of Microsoft, PowerPoint, Photo Editing, and Video/Audio editing, I did not understand how useful coding and programming can be in today’s technology. I enjoyed learning about how to use code to design your own website as well as programming the functionality of your computer.

My grandmother is a retired computer teacher and she is the one who introduced me to the world of computers, whereas my father was the one who introduced me to the world of technology. Nonetheless, thanks to this workshop, I was able to get a sneak peek into the world of coding which creates the amazing apps and programs we use every day.

After participating in this workshop, I would love for my family to learn about programming and coding. I think the two members of my family who would be most interested in learning about the techniques of coding and programming would be my little brother, Abriyan, and my grandmother, Carolyn. My grandmother has always had a “thing” for technology and understanding how things work. My little brother, on the other hand, is a genius with new discoveries and he has a passion for understanding how to do things hands-on, using technology as a way to help him construct and build whatever he dares to build. For example, he enjoys playing games such as Minecraft and Roblox since he is able to build and create whatever he imagines and wants to construct.

I am grateful for technology since nowadays people are able to use technology to create cures against diseases and build something anew from rubble and destruction. Nonetheless, technology can also be used as a curse when involving hackers, wars, violence, bullying, and other terrorizing tragedies. However, it is our duty as the youth generation to help push and form the next generation into something great and empowering. It is our duty to take the negative impact of technology and mold it into something positive for our future and the future of the next generation in order to prevent another World War and attacks upon different nations.

Therefore, I would like to learn about the different ways we can use technology to prevent harm unto others. We can all learn how to react positively without delivering nonsense through technology and help improve future generations of the world.

Written by Amaris Manning. Read about the full event here >