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Virtual events must be listed in Eastern Time

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We have many camp plans to choose from! Please review/reference the options when making a selection.

(Must use TechGirlz's curriculum)

Please provide the name and email address of the event coordinator. This email address will also be listed on our website as the point of contact for any questions regarding the event. 

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For promotion, please submit events at least 6-8 weeks in advance. 

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We will allow registration up until the day of the event. If required, please select the date the registration should be closed.

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When participants arrive, are there special instructions for finding the room or will you have signs/balloons?

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Recommendation: 20 registrants. Companies and Organizations are responsible for promoting their events to ensure the registration is fulfilled. To learn more about how to promote your event, please review the Partner Communications Toolkit.

Please review the workshop plan and list any/all devices that participants need (Smart phone, iPad, Mac,  laptop, etc). 

Multiple suggestions are in parentheses for the "Workshop Description" above OR in the workshop plan. Please review the workshop plan and list ONLY those that will be used.

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Please list additional volunteers here (For internal use only)

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