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Summer Camp 2018: Recap

Our 2018 Summer Camp was a huge success, and we couldn’t have done it without the help from all of our dedicated volunteers. The girls had an amazing week building and programming their obstacle avoiding robots. They started the week learning the basics of electronics by building circuits and experimenting with different types of inputs and outputs. They learned about the Arduino IDE environment and the basics of Arduino programming. Building and programming the robots was their favorite camp activity.


A big thank you to the following people for making our 2018 Summer Camp so successful!


Planning Team

Our planning team was responsible for coordinating all of the tasks that needed to be completed to ensure that all of the elements needed for camp were in place before, during, and after camp.

  • Donna Cusimano
  • Jillian Hall
  • Martae Giometti

Curriculum Team

Our curriculum team consisted primarily of engineers and IT professionals that put together great workshop plans. Each workshop plan was reviewed and tested by the curriculum team members. The camp curriculum is now published! Download it here.

  • Alicia Park
  • Tim Harris
  • Nancy Ladin
  • John Cusimano
  • Donna Cusimano
  • Jillian Hall
  • Sarah Johnson


Our team of instructors taught the girls all of the lessons and activities leading up to the robot building, programming, and Demo Day presentations.

  • John Cusimano
  • Nancy Ladin
  • Tim Harris
  • Nikita Patel

Teaching Assistants

Our team of Teaching Assistants attended training sessions prior to camp and were at camp everyday to help the girls in their group with all of the camp activities.

  • Kelsey Church
  • Joi Rae Connor
  • Hunter Porcano
  • Michelle Rodriguez
  • Nahla Turner
  • Sarah Johnson


Our amazing group of volunteers helped during camp in various ways.


Pictures & Video

  • Caroline Kelly
  • Kate McDevitt

Camp Assistants

  • Anastasia Lukashev
  • Karen Stellabotte
  • David Rodak
  • Jillian Hall


  • Nikita Patel
  • Nannette D’Imperio

Soldering Technicians

  • Ray Landes

Our Sponsors


Our Campers!

The girls pose for a group picture after presenting at Demo Day.

Group Photo from TechGirlz Summer Camp 2018