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Tell Us About Your Workshop!

We are thrilled you are ready to host a workshop to help spark girls' interest in tech!  Please submit your event information here. Once the event is confirmed and published by our team, you’ll receive an email notification. If you are using the save feature to share your form to someone else, please review your responses before saving.
Basic Event Details

Please be sure you are following all of the health and safety guidelines for your region. 

Time and Date of Workshop

For best practice, please submit events 6-8 weeks in advance. Virtual events run 2 hours, In-person events run 3 hours. Remember, there is also 30 minutes needed for set-up. 



During the school year there are Holidays that most districts have off allowing for weekday events scheduled in the morning or early afternoon. (Ex: Indigenous People’s Day/Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Spring Break, Memorial Day)
More Event Specifics

Recommendations - 20 registrants. Companies and Organizations are responsible for promoting their events to ensure the registration of girls is fulfilled. To learn more about how to promote your event, please review the Partner Communications Toolkit.

Multiple suggestions are in parentheses for the "Workshop Description" above OR in the workshop plan. Please review the workshop plan and list ONLY those that will be used.

We will create registration for your event UNLESS you tell us otherwise here. If you have your own registration page, please enter the link above.

Partners are able to host workshops virtually using their own platform of choice. Note that all meeting rooms must be affiliated with a company or organization (i.e. company account, library account, school account, etc)
In-Person Event Details

Please include building name and/or type of building.

Enter "none" if none are needed

When the girls arrive, are there special instructions for finding the room or will you have signs/balloons?

Coordinator Information

Please provide the name and email address of the workshop coordinator. This email address will also be listed on our event page as the point of contact for any questions regarding the event. 

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(Note: this will not go on the registration page, but will be sent to registrants prior to the event in case of an emergency.)

All volunteers must be registered here. 
Volunteer Information (For internal use only)
Please enter all volunteer information, at least one volunteer is required before submission. All additional volunteer information must be sent to your partner success contact no later than 3 weeks before your workshop.
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Congratulations on organizing your own TechGirlz workshop! We will send you the registration link and other details in the days leading up to your event.
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