Remembering the Joy of Tech: Insights from Volunteer Megan Sperry


Written by volunteer Megan Sperry.

My first exposure to TechGirlz was this awesome t-shirt, which caught my eye while at the Philly Women in Tech Summit last year.

Of course I bought it… it was a cute, nerdy shirt supporting a great cause. And then I started talking to the women at the booth and learned that beyond making awesome shirts, TechGirlz had innovative and ambitious ideas for bringing fun and in-depth technology education to middle school-aged girls. Founded in Philadelphia by Tracey Welson-Rossman in 2002, TechGirlz has grown and now hosts TechShopz across the US, as well as a summer camp that focuses on the translation of technology into entrepreneurship.

After the conference, I checked out the TechGirlz website and was blown away by the range of workshops they offer… for free.


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