NSA’s Day of Cyber gives teens chance to live the life of a cyber spy for a day

Written by TechGirlz Volunteer and Teen Advisory Board member Katia Barricklow

Do you ever get scared listening to the news about how Russians are trying to hack our presidential election? Does the controversial figure Edward Snowden interest you? Did you love shows about spies as a kid?

If so, you might be intrigued in the NSA’s Day of Cyber, which gives teens a taste of what it is like to be a cyber spy.

I recently signed up for this online event because I am a member of the Teen Advisory Board for TechGirlz, a Philly non-profit that seeks to empower girls to be tomorrow’s technology leaders. The mission of the Day of Cyber and TechGirlz is to get more young people interested in tech careers because we don’t have enough Americans — especially women — to fill all of the IT jobs that our country needs to innovate businesses and keep us safe at home.

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