New in 2020 – TechGirlz TechCampz in a Box

Three young girls looking at a laptop

Along with the 50+ topics in our TechShopz in a Box curriculum, TechGirlz is excited to announce our new TechCampz in a Box. TechCampz in a Box expands our popular TechShopz, 2-3 hour single topic workshops, into a multi-day, in person or virtual (some camps), program of fun, hands-on technology learning.

TechCampz in a Box are now available on 9 different topics:

  • Arduino Programming
  • Art and Animation
  • Biotech
  • Cartography
  • Cybersecurity
  • Engineering and Electronics
  • Entrepreneur Camp
  • Gaming and Virtual Reality
  • Web Design and Photography
  • Create Your Own Camp

Each TechCamp is designed to provide students with a thorough overview of various aspects of the topic while engaging them in project-based problem solving. Each TechGirlz TechCamp in a Box, includes lesson plans, slide presentations and teaching tips. TechGirlz staff provides support to help plan your camp as well as helpful resources like our playbook, our step-by-step guide to running workshops and camps full of helpful tips. Camp organizers provide the location, staff and any additional camp supplies.

Use our pre-packaged camp programs or create your own camp using a combination of TechGirlz workshops. Need more help with your camp planning? Why not let the experts at TechGirlz help create a custom camp program for your organization? For a reasonable fee, one of our staff members will work with you to custom design a daily itinerary, record a personalized webinar to train your staff, and provide some other extras, including swag.

TechCampz can run during the summer, as an afterschool program, as a spring break program, or over multiple weekends. TechCampz in a Box, like TechShopz in a Box, are a way to extend learning beyond the classroom. They provide necessary, but easy to use, materials, that allow parents, teachers, technology professionals, non-profit organizations, or companies to provide interactive, fun, and educational tech training to girls.

Visit to learn more about our camp programs and to learn more about how to run a TechGirlz powered camp.

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