Miramar Runs Their First TechGirlz TechShop

Miramar workshop
Miramar Global Executive Search Team with Techshop attendees.
From left: Kristy Calo, Senior Consultant, John Hodge, Managing Partner, Lejla Arslic, Operations.

October 6, 2018 (Camden, NJ) – It was a lovely fall morning as we made our way to HopeWorks to facilitate our first TechGirlz workshop. We were filled with both excitement and nervous energy not knowing what to expect or how the girls would receive the curriculum. As the clock ticked closer to start time and the room filled we knew that it would be an amazing event.

The experience exceeded our expectations, as the girls were enthralled with the “You Can Be A Photographer: Photography For Marketing” TechShopz in a Box content. Throughout the morning, the girls were fully engaged asking thoughtful questions and sharing their ideas. This gave us the opportunity to get to know them on an individual basis and explore what their future goals were. It was astounding to see how quickly they grasped the technology and were able to create some amazing photos. As the morning was drawing to a close, it was difficult to get the girls separated from their computers, no one wanted to leave. Pick up time approached, and parents were thrilled to see the level of participation and were eager to learn when we would be hosting our next workshop.

Miramar Global Executive Search wanted to support TechGirlz because we believe in their mission. It is important to address the gender imbalance issues that we see within organizations, specifically technology. Gender parity is fundamental to how our society thrives. TechGirlz is working to close the gender gap by inspiring young girls to explore technology as a career. We look forward to a long and continuous partnership with TechGirlz.

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