Innovator Insights: An Interview With Sarah Johnson

Sarah Johnson Community Outreach Manager TechGirlz

Sarah Johnson, TechGirlz’ Community Outreach Manager, sat down to talk with Kelly Hoey, a networking expert and angel investor. Below is an excerpt of the conversation they had.

Kelly: Who are your heroes?

Sarah: My heroes are those people who challenge themselves and try something new. In particular, I am inspired by the high school girls I meet through TechGirlz who are new to technology and enjoy it so much that they want to share it with everyone. These teenagers are leading workshops, teaching both their peers and adults, creating their own curricula, and receiving grants to run coding camps. They are already breaking gender stereotypes and not stopping there but becoming leaders in their communities and encouraging their peers to join them. These are accomplishments that are challenging even for adults. I can’t wait to see what these girls try next!


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