If I Knew Then What I know Now about Careers in Tech

As a middle school kid I played around with computers (an Apple IIc!), playing games and even coding my own in Applesoft BASIC. But I never knew I could make a career out of it. Ironically, even with a liberal arts degree, my interest in technology brought me to the industry but in business and sales roles. I wonder if TechGirlz and TechShopz like You Can Code, which my company, Sungard Availability Services, recently hosted for Philadelphia area school girls, had been around would I have pursued a more technical path?

If you are curious about the many career options in the Information Technology field, check out this interactive infographic from CompTIA, the IT trade association. It’s called You Can Do IT and shows you the wide variety of options available plus what it takes to be successful. It’s not all about “being good at math” but about being a learner, a problem solver and someone who wants to make an impact.

You Can Code Infographic

Written by volunteer Cristina Greysman