IDEA and partner TechGirlz team up for a #WednesdayWebinar on “How Educators can Inspire Girls to Pursue Tech”

Webinar Wednesday banner reading how educators can inspire to pursue tech

On April 8, 2020, Sara Neiman, Chicagoland Outreach Coordinator at TechGirlz, shared information on TechGirlz and our TechShopz in a Box program that is now going virtual to keep youth engaged in tech during social distancing. TechGirlz has created over 60 short, interactive tech workshops (TechShopz) that cover a wide variety of technology topics. These workshops are packaged in a virtual box, allowing anyone, anywhere to run a TechShop. Ms. Neiman discussed how TechGirlz has worked with volunteers around the country, empowering teachers, IT professionals, and college and high school students to teach over 20,000 middle school girls. Attendees were able to learn how they could engage with youth right now with our Virtual Workshops and how to inspire the girls in their community with this curricula in the future.