Holiday Tech Gift Ideas for Girls for 2018

Just in time for Cyber Monday! Tracey Welson-Rossman, Founder/CEO of TechGirlz and a contributor for Medium, shares gift ideas for the Tech Girl in your life. The article gives details on 10 fun tech toys, a list of interesting books related to tech, and stores to shop at to find other reasonably priced items. The full article was originally published November 20, 2018 on Medium.

Tech Toyz 18

For years, we have informally fielded questions about the best STEM toys for girls ahead of the holiday shopping rush. Last year, we held our first ever Twitter chat on the subject of which STEM toys might appeal most to girls. It was so popular, that I turned it into a blog post. Amazingly, that post has continued to receive reads.

With the holidays knocking at our door again, our TechGirlz team decided to research the newest tech related toys to see if any might be a fit for middle school girls. We were surprised at the number of new offerings, so have put together a crib sheet below.

First, a caveat: the link between girls and toys and the desire to learn STEM remains unproven. That said, our TechGirlz team believes that anything which aligns fun and STEM is a healthy way to introduce tech skills or concepts to girls.

Beyond the new ideas below, the list from last year is still relevant and might even have a few bargains. Neither list is an endorsement by TechGirlz, but we hope it gives you some inspiration as you look for that perfect gift for your budding innovator.

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