Gloria’s Tale: From a Girl Impressed by Technology to a Leader Connecting, Educating & Inspiring Women in Tech

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In this episode of Technologist Tales, released on September 10, 2021, TechGirlz’ Marketing Manager— Gloria Bell— is featured to talk about how her fascination towards technology grew into co-founding the Women in Tech Summit (WITS) and becoming a leader at TechGirlz. Gloria first started her career in education, then ended up in the insurance industry. She then decided to take a chance and combine her love for entrepreneurship and technology and begin a consulting company for tech startups. Throughout her entire journey, Gloria has continued to put people at the center of her tech career and has avoided being robotic and stagnant in her actions. She talks about how much she enjoys being a mentor and leader for the young girls that attend the conferences and the different pieces of advice she often shares with her audience.

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About the Podcast

Technologist Tales, an award-winning podcast produced for clients of R.Clement.Creative, shares profiles of people from an array of backgrounds who discovered and shaped successful careers working with technology – and, now, help others do the same.