Girls Learn How Computers Talk

I recently volunteered at a TechGirlz workshop in Philadelphia. The event was fantastic! The topic was “How Computers Talk”. In about three hours the girls were introduced to the basics of computer networking. Topics included Ethernet IP addressing, connecting to computers via a Switch and using tools like Nmap and WireShark.

The girls came and brought their own laptops to use during the session.The instructor, John Cusimano, also incorporated a number of instructional videos to reinforce concepts. The girls completed a number of exercises throughout the afternoon to demonstrate their new skills. The girls installed a ran Nmap and WireShark as well to discover services running on other computers. The girls were engaged and really picked up a lot of the concepts presented.Ethernet networking is not an easy topic.The TechGirlz coordinator and instructor planned and executed a fun and engaging 3 hours with the girls that flew by. I hope to participate in other Workshops sponsored by TechGirlz. If you have a desire to pass on knowledge you have accumulated or just want to help the next generation of learn something new take some time to check out the TechGirlz website for Upcoming Events in your area. I know I will.

Written by volunteer Tim Harris.