Extend the Hour of Code With TechGirlz!

Written by Volunteer Writer Amy Freeman

Women have been involved in tech since the very beginning. In fact, the annual Computer Science Week takes place from December 3 to 9, in honor of the birthday of Admiral Grace Hopper, a pioneering figure in programming languages and computer science.

As part of Computer Science Week, people of all ages and from all around the world will participate in the Hour of Code, a 60-minute introduction to coding and computer science, meant to show that anyone can learn the basics of computing and coding. More than half of participants in Hour of Code are female.

If you plan on participating in this year’s Computer Science Week or Hour of Code, the fun and learning doesn’t have to stop once those 60 minutes are up. TechGirlz’s TechShopz in a Box can help you dive more deeply into the topics covered during the Hour of Code.

Jump Into JavaScript

Several Hour of Code programs provide a taste of JavaScript to curious students. Those programs include Star Wars Building a Galaxy of Code and Let’s End Plastic Pollution!

TechGirlz’s Introduction to Javascript workshop shows students the basics of Javascript and teaches them how to build their own program using DevTools or Launchbox.

Build a Website

The Hour of Code has several programs that focus on teaching students the basics of HTML and CSS, such as Khan Academy’s Welcome to the Web!

After the Hour of Code, you can build on what students have learned about HTML and CSS with the Make a Website Using HTML/CSS TechShop, the second most popular TechShop from TechGirlz. Students can also participate in the Make a Website Using WordPress TechShop to further apply what they’ve learned about HTML and CSS.

Make an App

Multiple activities during the Hour of Code show students how to build a smartphone app, such as Emoji Draw and the MIT App Inventor.

If your students have fun making apps, the Designing Mobile Apps TechShop can walk them step by step through the process of choosing an idea for an app and developing a prototype for it.

Program with Python

A few of the Hour of Code activities give students a quick introduction to the Python language, such as Tracy the Turtle and World of Python.

TechGirlz has several Python-centric TechShops, including Python Programming, which covers the basics of Python. The Animations and Graphics with Python TechShop uses the program Calico to help students create animated geometric shapes. The Programming Edison Robots with Python shows students how to use Python to program a robot.

Infographic by Volunteer Eric Vo

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