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Designed for girls currently in grades 5-8, our free workshops include a guided workshop plan, instructor slideshows and hands-on activities for participants. They are designed to make it easy for partners to run engaging workshops in their communities. Help CompTIA Spark reach more girls and get them excited about a variety of tech topics!

Interested in running a workshop? Want to find out how your company or organization can become a partner? Please contact us to indicate your interest and someone from the CompTIA Spark TechGirlz outreach team will be in touch with you regarding the next steps.

Workshop styles

Direct Instruction Workshops

Direct instruction workshops are instructor led, meaning the volunteer leads participants through a subject or skill step by step. The instructor presents the information live, models the skill and then guides participants as they practice the skill. This method is highly structured and is a common way to teach new concepts or skills.

Blended Learning Workshops

Blended learning workshops are designed to combine the best of both worlds – instructor-facilitated sections and enhanced video instruction. By combining the two styles, students will take part in live instructor-led workshop discussions that will provide a deeper understanding of the topics and a connection to the TechGirlz community, while instructors receive support through a variety of resources to enhance their teaching experience.

Instructor Difficulty Levels



Instructor needs little to no experience with this topic’s main ideas, terminology, or hardware.



Instructor should have some prior knowledge or experience with this topic’s main ideas, languages, or hardware (or be up for learning a new topic!)



Instructor should be proficient and comfortable with this topic’s main ideas, languages, and/or hardware.

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Blended Learning Workshops

Picture Perfect Marketing: Edit Photos like a Pro
💻 Available Virtually!

Students will learn how to edit and create images and photos in PIXLR, a free photo editing software. They will take on the role of a “freelance” graphic designer who has been “hired” by clients to utilize their photo editing skills to create marketing ads. They will learn how to add, edit and touch-up images.

Blended Learning Workshops

Create and Play Video Games Using Scratch
💻 Available Virtually!

Students will use the Scratch editor to create and play a video game using block programming. They will learn about different types of coding syntax, such as loops and conditionals. At the end of the workshop, students will have the tools and knowledge necessary to create a video game from scratch, or customize an existing game by adding additional features and/or levels. In BETA

Blended Learning Workshops

💻 Available Virtually!

Students will learn how to make an effective podcast by making their stories engaging and using music and sound effects to put their listeners into the aural environment of their story. This workshop plan familiarizes students with the podcasting software, http://Podcastle.ai , followed by creating a simple, personal podcast recording.

Blended Learning Workshops

Creative Coding with JavaScript
💻 Available Virtually!

In this workshop, students will use the P5.JS JavaScript editor to create innovative art projects. They will learn basic JavaScript concepts like syntax and geometry along with functions. At the end of the workshop, students will take what they learned and code their own picture in JavaScript. In BETA

Blended Learning Workshops

Cybersecurity Basics: How to Manage Cyber Risks
💻 Available Virtually!

Students will learn about cybersecurity and how to identify the most common types of cyber attacks. They will learn how to keep their information safe from scammers by identifying phishing emails and creating strong passwords. Discussion of what organizations can do to protect themselves from attackers trying to steal their data is included in the in-person workshop. In BETA

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