EvoXLabs Hosts Web Dev Workshop for Middle School Students

EvoXLabs joined hands with TechGirlz to hold a workshop for middle school students on Web Development at the Overbrook Education Center. The workshop, titled as “The ABCs of Web Accessibility”, was another in the series of the many TechShops organized by TechGirlz. 32 children (20 girls and 12 boys) from 6th to 8th grade attended the event.

We, at EvoXLabs, are focused on researching on web accessibility and developing solutions to bridge the gap between technology and people with disabilities. This was the first time we took this important phenomenon to a room full of enthusiastic and energetic middle school students. We showed them how to make their own web page using raw HTML and CSS. And as they saw their names appear on the page in different colors along with a freshly taken picture, their excitement was a priceless scene that most of us hadn’t encountered in a long time.

The children took pictures of their web pages to show their work to their parents, family members and friends. They also expressed their interest in learning more of web development and their care for accessibility. EvoXLabs volunteers (Ather Sharif and Justine Noel) and TechGirlz volunteers (Karen Stellabotte and Alicia Park) were greatly impressed and inspired by the children’s motivation.

“The kids were talking about it today and I know they had a great time,” said Meredith Foote, Principal of the Overbrook Education Center. Foote was appreciative of the effort and hopes to see more of such workshops in the future.

Originally posted on the EvoXLabs blog. Read this and more of their blogs here.