Data, Databases, and SQL with Melanie Shanks: “SQL: Explore & Command Databases” TechShop Recap of June 11, 2022

Melanie Shanks of Swoon Consulting has always been excited by computing. “I used SQL (structured query language) throughout my career,” she says, “It is a very simple but powerful language.” SQL is used by programmers around the world to create databases, update and store data, and find important information.

Though this was her first time teaching the SQL: Explore & Command Databases TechShophop, Melanie found the topic easy to introduce and the students eager to get started. “People do amazing things with data, databases, and SQL,” she said. “You can discover customers… sales opportunities… or new drugs that offer help treating a disease.” 

Melanie was pleased by the enthusiasm of the girls. “The girls really liked the hands-on activities,” she said. Shanks especially enjoyed “how interested the girls were in learning about databases and how quickly they learned the new language.”

While Melanie enjoyed teaching virtually, live might be better. “I would love to do the class in person,” she said, “to make sure all the girls are following along as there are a wide variety of ages.” In future TechShops, Shanks said she’d like to see more time spent on the syntax of the SQL. She suggested that the girls answer a few questions at this point to make sure they are ready to begin the hands-on activity.

Shanks emphasized the importance of SQL to tomorrow’s job-seekers. “I think this is a really important topic because there are more jobs available in data analytics and data science than in other technology fields,” she said. And it’s a fun career too!


Still image of the virtual SQL Database Workshop Showing Dogs and their Attributes and how to set up that database.