Cristina Greysman Gives Us Her TechGirlz 10

I begged my dad for a computer in grade school. He asked, “What are you going to use a computer for?” Little did he know that that first Apple IIc would spark an interest in computers and a 20 year career in technology that is still going strong!

The top 10 reasons why Cristina Greysman considers herself a TechGirl:

10. It pays well.

9. I am always learning.

8. During my career I have travelled to NYC, San Francisco, Seattle, New Orleans, Dallas, Las Vegas, Chicago, San Diego, Atlanta, Washington DC, Toronto, Ontario, Calgary, Orlando, Miami, Denver, San Jose… just to name a few.

7. I’ve done business with people across the globe and met and worked with people from many different countries and cultures.

6. I’m exposed to new technologies and get early access to the technology that shapes our lives.

5. The technology industry is dynamic; there is never a dull moment.

4 I have the flexibility to work from almost any location and still be connected.

3. I can be an entrepreneur and create new ideas and processes every day as well as use creativity to solve business problems.

2. I get to work with really smart people who also share a love of learning and want to use technology to creatively solve problems.

1. At a recent technology conference I lived out one of my fantasy careers as a NASCAR driver, and got to take 3 laps in a race car at 150 mph!