Volunteer Spotlight

11/17/2018 YOU Can Code! TechShop Recap

January 8, 2019

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman It's not only the girls who attend a TechGirlz TechShop who walk away from it having learned something. La Tasha Jackson taught her second "YOU Can Code!" workshop to a group of middle school girls in Chicago, Illinois this past November. She noted that she loves volunteering with TechGirlz because doing so brought back a fire she'd previously let burn out. She currently works as a data administrator at a hospital and has long dreamed of becoming a software developer. One of the many benefits of volunteering with TechGirlz for her is getting to…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Anna E. Cook

January 4, 2019

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch TechGirlz volunteer Anna E. Cook loves her career as a user-experience (UX) designer. She gets to combine her passions for creative thinking, understanding human behavior, and technology, and there’s always something new to learn. “Since the web and mobile apps are always growing and changing, there's always new technology emerging and new user behaviors to study, so my job never gets boring,” Anna explains. As a UX designer, Anna creates wireframes, high fidelity mockups, and prototypes to help people bring their ideas to life. Her designs are driven by analytics and qualitative data from…

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11/01/2018 Introduction to JavaScript TechShop Recap

December 20, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman Sometimes, organizing and leading a TechGirlz workshop is a real team effort. On November 1, Optum hosted their second TechGirlz event at its Raleigh office. The workshop was "Introduction to JavaScript" and was led by Kristen Slappey. Kristen wasn't alone in working with the middle-school-aged girls who attended the TechShop. She had support from a team of volunteers, made up of other employees from Optum. The volunteer team included Tarequl Alam, Keila Calderon Chaves, Jamal Cromity, Caitlin Doyle, Tanya Hughley, and Janet Saldana. As the technology arm of UnitedHealth Group, it makes perfect sense…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Dhivya Arasappan

December 14, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman Ever wonder what happens to the girls who attend TechGirlz workshops after the program is over? In many cases, they keep coming back for more, and in some instances, end up joining our team of volunteers. Dhivya Arasappan is a good example of the TechGirlz effect in action. Together with a friend, she attended her first TechGirlz workshop in eighth grade. The second TechGirlz workshop she attended was held at UPenn and gave her the opportunity to analyze the DNA of food. Dhivya was so inspired by what she learned in the food DNA…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Timothy Harris

December 6, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch Timothy Harris is fascinated by a number of areas of technology, from machine learning to embedded control systems. “Technology is moving really fast, and it’s tough to keep up,” Timothy says. Timothy’s passion for tech was nurtured by supportive, hard-working parents and encouraging teachers along the way. “[They] inspired me to explore and not be afraid to try new things,” he explains. Today,Timothy gets to explore technology for a living. He’s an Automation Application Engineer, which involves working with sales engineers to present, test, and implement automation and control systems for customers. Customers include…

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