Volunteer Spotlight

Volunteer Spotlight: Ganesh Chandrasekaran

October 18, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman Volunteer instructor Ganesh Chandrasekaran takes the phrase "never stop learning" seriously. He already has a master's degree in computer applications and is currently hard at work on a second master's at Rowan University, where he's also an adjunct professor. His interest in technology was sparked in the 11th grade, when he started learning GW-BASIC. Now, he's a senior engineer at Comcast and he regularly works with MySQL, MS SQL Server, Python, Spark, and Hive. He also develops and maintains websites with WordPress and is looking forward learning more about artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Janel Kinlaw

October 2, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman TechGirlz volunteer Janel Kinlaw knows what it's like to be one of the only women in the room. She decided to study computers and technology in college on the recommendation of her high school computer teacher and ended up earning a bachelor's of science in information systems. Today, she owns a consulting company that provides workflow analysis and project management support. She describes her role as "half tech support, half business analyst." One project she's currently working on involves helping a team tweak their configuration and leverage a software platform more efficiently. Her time…

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Benefits to Volunteering (with TechGirlz)

September 25, 2018

Mercedes Petrellis, TechGirlz Volunteer and IT professional, shares her experiences being a Teaching Assistant for the organization. She exposes the benefits of volunteering and the personal/professional rewards gained by volunteering with the organization, such as meeting new people in the field and learning something new in tech. The full article was originally published August 21, 2018 on Mercedes’s personal blog page, Agile Dragonfly: Sharing Insights and Embracing Change. Volunteering for a worthy cause is a selfless act – or is it? You are giving of your time and efforts, but you gain so much more in return. I’ll share with…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Sam Rossman

September 20, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch Spreading TechGirlz’ mission wouldn’t be possible without the help of dedicated volunteers. As Outreach Representative, Sam Rossman plays a key role in promoting TechShopz and other opportunities to support the organization. Sam’s mother, Tracey Welson-Rossman -- founder and CEO of TechGirlz -- inspired him to get involved. “Her tireless dedication to the organization is what keeps me interested in what the technology industry has to offer,” Sam explains. Sam works in the film industry, both on his own projects and larger scale productions. He started out by making videos for TechGirlz and was later…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Jillian Hall

August 28, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman One misconception people often have about technology is that a person needs loads of experience to even get a foot in the door. Jillian Hall, who has been an intern with TechGirlz since January, had no previous experience in tech before beginning her internship. Over the course of eight months, she has learned a lot and hopes that what she's learned will stay with her throughout the rest of her career. Jillian found out about Techgirlz through her father, who introduced her to Tracey Welson-Rossman, the founder and CEO. Tracey introduced Jillian to the…

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