Web Design & Photography

Build your own camp by combining any of the suggested theme-based workshop topics below. We recommend picking at least one topic per day, which will give you some time to really dive into the topic. Our workshop plans are written to be three hours long, but can be expanded to give girls more time to explore and use their creativity. Each day should also start with a fun icebreaker activity to encourage camp community.

Web Design and Photography camp brings technology and art together! Photography basics such as rules of thirds can be introduced and the girls can discover the impact made by editing photos using photo editing software. The girls can then design a website, app, or infographic and even bring their photos into the design!

  • A Day in the Life of a Web Designer
  • Tell Your Story with Graphics!
  • You Can Be a Photographer: Photography for Marketing
  • Designing Mobile Apps
  • Make a Website Using HTML/CSS
  • The Internet: Behind the Scenes*
  • Guest Speaker

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