Entrepreneur Camp – 💻 Available Virtually!

This Entrepreneur Summer Camp puts the tools and technology used to create a business plan and prototype into the hands of 6th-9th graders. Students will go from idea generation to presentation of their prototype and business plan under the guidance of the facilitators and developers you select for this program. The workshop plans are designed for 5 days of 6 hours of activity with a suggested schedule that includes a demo day for parents and the community

There is also a virtual, 5 half day workshop plan linked within the lesson plans.

  • Developing a Business Idea
  • Crafting Your Personal Commercial/Elevator Pitch
  • Market Research (Customer Validation)
  • Product Management
  • Minimal Viable Product-MVP
  • A Day in the Life of a Web Designer
  • Choosing a Domain Name
  • Product Testing/Refinement
  • Marketing Strategy & Marketing Communication
  • Marketing Technology, SWOT Analysis and Branding
  • What Makes a Good Presentation?
  • Product Pitch & Demonstration

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