Engineering & Electronics

Build your own camp by combining any of the suggested theme-based workshop topics below. We recommend picking at least one topic per day, which will give you some time to really dive into the topic. Our workshop plans are written to be three hours long, but can be expanded to give girls more time to explore and use their creativity. Each day should also start with a fun icebreaker activity to encourage camp community.

Engineering and Electronics camp introduces girls to a variety of basics across both fields. Some of the topics to choose from include programming Arduino and Microbits, discovering how engineers use 3D rendering and printing, and using engineering and physics to build roller coasters.

  • Engineering and Roller Coasters
  • How Engineers Solve Problems Using Tinkercad and 3D Printing
  • Intro to Arduino Programming
  • Artificial Intelligence: How Computers Learn
  • Computer Programming with C++
  • Make an Animated Bracelet with Micro:bit

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