10/23/2018 Intro to Encryption – How to Protect Your Information TechShop Recap

November 16, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Amy Freeman Sometimes, there's information that you want to share, but you don't want the entire world to have access to it. In an ever-more connected world, it's essential that anyone who shares information online knows what to do keep that info safe and secure from prying eyes. On October 23, TechGirlz volunteer Erica Boyles led an "Intro to Encryption - How to Protect Your Information" TechShop at Spreedly in Durham, NC, during which she taught a group of middle school girls the ins and outs of encryption and decryption using ciphers and codes. During the…

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November 13, 2018

Zoey Ren, author and marketing team member at Particle is an avid IOT learner and was excited to share how Dr. Thomas Proffen, the president and instructor at Oak Ridge Computer Science Girls of East Tennessee (ORCSGirls), taught the topic to middle school girls on September 22, 2018. Dr. Proffen bought 25 Particle Photon Maker Kits from the Makerspace Empowerment Program and created original content to teach the girls “how to build a web controlled LED — covering everything from building the hardware to coding the firmware and creating their own web page for remote LED control.” With the help…

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TechGirlz Named “2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits

November 6, 2018

Award based on Outstanding Online Reviews. November 5, 2018 (Philadelphia) — On October 23, TechGirlz was named a “2018 Top-Rated Nonprofit” by GreatNonprofits, the leading provider of user reviews of charities and nonprofits. This is the second consecutive year TechGirlz has received this honor. TechGirlz provides free curriculum and technology workshops for middle school girls across the country. “We are honored to be named a 2018 and 2017 Top-Rated Nonprofit,” says Amy Cliett, National Director, TechGirlz. We are proud to have impacted 5,000 middle school girls this past year and 14,000 girls to date. The Top-Rated Nonprofit Award is the…

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TechGirlz Discusses How To Help Inspire Middle School Girls to Explore Tech! on the National Girls Collaborative Project Webinar

November 1, 2018

Join Amy Cliett, National Director at TechGirlz, as she reviews TechGirlz and our TechShopz in a Box program. TechGirlz has created over 50 short, interactive tech workshops (TechShopz) which cover a wide variety of technology topics. These workshops are packaged in a virtual box, allowing anyone, anywhere to run a TechShop. Ms.Cliett will discuss how TechGirlz has worked with over 1000 volunteers around the country, empowering teachers, IT professionals, and college and high school students to teach over 14,000 middle school girls. Learn how you can inspire the girls in your community with this curricula. The slideshow shown in the…

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Volunteer Spotlight: Nellie Ortiz

October 25, 2018

Written by volunteer writer Alison Perch For Nellie Ortiz, technology is a way to satisfy both the creative and analytical aspects of her personality. In college, Nellie thought she wanted to be an editorial graphic designer; however, a web professor helped set her on a new path. “I was excited to learn that [web design] did not just mean making things look nice but actually thinking through the experiences we have with technology and problem-solving to improve user experience,” she says. Nellie graduated with a BFA from Kutztown University in 2014 with concentrations in graphic design and interactive design, and…

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