University Partnership

TechGirlz and Major Universities Can Change the Equation of Girls in Tech

TechGirlz can partner with your university (college) to inspire the next generation of female STEM students.

TechGirlz will provide the following:

  • Your logo on TechGirlz website
  • At least two guest blog posts on agreed upon topics by University employees or students
  • Advertisement on at least two TechGirlz newsletters
  • Consultation by TechGirlz staff for TechShopz run by University faculty and students
  • Creation of press release about partnership
  • Co-author articles for media publication with topics about encouraging more girls in technology and othe discussions around outreach​

University Will Provide the Following

*Note! These aren’t the only ways to partner with us, just a few suggestions.

University will partner with the appropriate colleagues across the university to deliver two workshops in the school year for TechGirlz.

Potential Grant Opportunities 
University will explore to identify opportunities for public or private grant funding. Potential funding will be used to test innovative models of technology education for female middle school students. This initiative will serve as a collaboration between relevant University colleges, TechGirlz, and other appropriate federal or private partners.

Please consider sponsorship or monetary donation to help allow TechGirlz to continue to offer free technology based workshops to middle school girls.

TechGirlz Curriculum 
University faculty can assist in the expansion and refinement of the TechGirlz curriculum, providing suggestions for integrating cutting-edge topics and the most up-to-date technological concepts.

Summer Camp 
The University will work with TechGirlz to host and deliver a summer camp using existing TechGirlz TechShopz curricula.

As mentioned above, these are only suggestions! Feel free to come up with your own unique plan to partner with TechGirlz!