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How to obtain Mandated Background Clearance Certifications

In order to volunteer with TechGirlz, you’ll need to complete a background screening.

Please note: Volunteers under the age of 18 only need to fill out this form and email it to [email protected].  All other volunteers will follow the instructions below. 

What you should know before applying for background screening:

  1. This is a standard background screening for any volunteer activity regarding minors.
  2. You login directly into the screening website yourself and input your information. All of your data remains private to you.
  3. Only TechGirlz approved personnel has access to the reports to make sure all of our volunteers are cleared before they attend a program. The report only shows previous addresses and an overall “No Record” status. Your Social Security Number is not displayed on the report.
  4. The search includes:
    a. SS# Verification & Address History Trace
    b. National Criminal Database Search (with Re-Verification of positive records)
    c. National Sex Offender Registry Search (AKA National Search)
    d. (1) County Court Search (last county from SS# address trace)
  5. Volunteers will pay a $22 fee for this service.

Volunteering in Pennsylvania?

Visit our Background Clearances page specifically for volunteers from Pennsylvania.