Background Clearances – Outside of PA

Instructions for Obtaining Background Clearances

In order to volunteer with TechGirlz, you’ll need to complete background screening.

What you should know before applying for background screening.

  • 1. This is standard background screening for any volunteer activity regarding minors.
  • 2. You login directly into the screening website yourself and input your information. All of your data remains private to you.
  • 3. Only TechGirlz approved personnel has access to the reports to make sure all of our volunteers are cleared before they attend a program. The report only shows previous addresses and an overall “No Record” status. Your Social Security Number is not displayed on the report.
  • 4. The search includes:
    • a. SS# Verification & Address History Trace
    • b. National Criminal Database Search (with Re-Verification of positive records)
    • c. National Sex Offender Registry Search (AKA National Search)
    • d. (1) County Court Search (last county from SS# address trace)
  • 5. Volunteers will pay a $20 fee for this service.

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